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Speed Queen, Unimax and Huebsch Model Identifications for this Parts Manual

Information in the 70399801 manual is applicable to these 120lb. & 170lb. Drying Tumblers models:

AT120L CU120L HT170S LA120L PU170S UU170L
AT120N CU120N HT170T LA120N PU170T UU170N
AT120S CU120S HU120L LA170L SA120L UU170S
AT170L CU120T HU120N LA170N SA120N UU170T
AT170N CU170L HU120S LT120L SA170L WT120L
AT170S CU170N HU120T LT120N SA170N WT120N
BA120L CU170S HU170L LT120S ST120L WT120S
BA120N CU170T HU170N LT120T ST120N WT170L
BA170L GA120L HU170S LT170L ST120S WT170N
BA170N GA120N HU170T LT170N ST120T WT170S
BT120L GA170L IT120L LT170S ST170L XT120L
BT120N GA170N IT120N LT170T ST170N XT120N
BT120S GT120L IT120S LU120L ST170S XT120S
BT120T GT120N IT120T LU120N ST170T XT120T
BT170L GT120S IT170L LU120S SU120L XT170L
BT170N GT120T IT170N LU120T SU120N XT170N
BT170S GT170L IT170S LU170L SU120S XT170S
BT170T GT170N IT170T LU170N SU120T XT170T
BU120L GT170S KA120L LU170S SU170L XU120L
BU120N GT170T KA120N LU170T SU170N XU120N
BU120S GU120L KA170L PA120L SU170S XU120S
BU120T GU120N KA170N PA120N SU170T XU120T
BU170L GU120S KT120L PA170L UA120L XU170L
BU170N GU120T KT120N PA170N UA120N XU170N
BU170S GU170L KT120S PT120L UA170L XU170S
BU170T GU170N KT120T PT120N UA170N XU170T
CA120L GU170S KT170L PT120S UT120L YT120L
CA120N GU170T KT170N PT120T UT120N YT120N
CA170L HA120L KT170S PT170L UT120S YT120S
CA170N HA120N KT170T PT170N UT120T YT120T
CT120L HA170L KU120L PT170S UT170L YT170L
CT120N HA170N KU120N PT170T UT170N YT170N
CT120S HT120L KU120S PU120L UT170S YT170S
CT120T HT120N KU120T PU120N UT170T YT170T
CT170L HT120S KU170L PU120S UU120L YU120S
CT170N HT120T KU170N PU120T UU120N YU120T
CT170S HT170L KU170S PU170L UU120S
CT170T HT170N KU170T PU170N UU120T




Download this parts manual PDF (Richt Click and choose "Save as Target")